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We Are..... Diana, John, Danny and Bonnie Stewart, owners of JDS “Shorty" Jack Russell Terriers and Calfornia Celtic Jacks. We are a small hobby breeders of EJRTCA and CKC registered English "Shorty Jacks" from OFA- PLL tested Kippieparents. We love sharing our lives and our home with these little/big dogs. Our goal is to produce the perfect pet and companion "Shorty Jack" As a family we spend many hours with every puppy we have had the honor to help create. Breeders have an important responsibility to provide proper experiences for the puppies they have bred. Mom did not ask to be pregnant and the puppies did not ask to be born. Once they have arrived as the breeder planned, the breeder must take responsibility and socialize these same pups with diligence, care and sincerity. I feel we, as a family group have perfected this task. Genetic health, disposition, conformation and color (the icing on the cake!) are most important to us. Size and show ring ability are NOT our focus.

All our puppies are adopted as "PETS ONLY" to loving family homes! We DO NOT offer sales to Pet Stores, Wholesale brokers, or Research facilities ....PERIOD!!!!!!!..

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Meet our dogs......


EJRTCA and CKC registered, from PLL Tested parents

 Russelleville Jimi



The Boys Meet the handsome gentleman Disposition first and foremost. The cornerstone of every family...

The Girls Meet our lovely ladies The foundation of our program

The Stars Meet our clients dogs Raising the bar and setting the standards with each generation.

Our dogs are first and foremost our pets and companions

Kerri, Lenzye and Lizzie


UPDATE: IMMEDIATE HOME REQUEST One of my clients from almost 8 years ago passed away in her home yesterday. She lived alone with only her 2 Jack Russells. Reggie (age 13 and breeder unknown) and Ziggy (age 7 1/2 and a Bandit and Annabelle Son) are being cared for in the home by a family member but you can imagine how lonely and lost these guys are without the love and support of their human Mommy. I will take Ziggy but would really like to find a home that will keep these boys together so they don't have to suffer another loss....Call me 760-990-3862

Ziggy and Reggie

Just more interesting stuff......


What do we feed our dogs? CLICK HERE-/-What's in your pet's food....the video? CLICK HERE

Vaccinations, In the news again!

PUPPIES..The first 60 days and more CLICK HERE

TRAINING TIPS-/- Understanding Submissive &  Excitement Urination

TEETHING TIPS -/- House training tips

Let's talk coat color "Icing on the cake" CLICK HERE

Breed Clubs

We will no longer be offering AKC registration applications. I am choosing to following the EJRTCA lead and dropping my affiliation with the AKC as of June 25, 2014.

The following is borrowed from the EJRTCA'S web site

Let's go English Jack Russell ShoppingAkira
AKC NEWS:  The EJRTCA was the first independent shorty registry approved as an acceptable domestic registry by the American Kennel Club.   
See the letter from the AKC here. Click Here

AKC/FSS affiliation is hereby discontinued. November 20, 2007 at 9:09 PM pacific time! We have different standards! We believe we have the proper standard for English Jack Russell Terrier.